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VIP window sill with Elesgo DTS film coating

For the VIP window sill, only the best boards are selected that have passed all quality control tests.

The surface has the same properties as the CPL window sill, in addition, the surface is resistant to moisture, washable by any detergents (except abrasive), more resistant to environmental changes. This film has no analogues in the world and is manufactured using a special technology.

Production technology for VIP window sill coating film

In the innovative technology, the precise dosage of electron radiation ensures that various substrates and polymers cure without pressure or temperature. The polyacrylates used contain no solvents or formaldehyde. The technology is unrivaled in terms of environmental friendliness and energy efficiency of production.

From the point of view of environmental friendliness and energy efficiency of production, the technology has no equal. As a result of exposure to low-energy electron beams, radicals are formed from monomeric polyacrylates. Within milliseconds, they combine with other polyacrylate molecules to form a fully cross-linked macromolecular (i.e. fully cured) polyacrylate polymer. The reaction is exothermic, i.e. without additional heat supply. The precise dosage of the radiation ensures curing without pressure and high temperatures. Due to the use of polyacrylates, it is possible to convey the finest nuances of the decor. This superb product is one of a kind, especially for glossy decors. The product also features a nice tactile feel and touch. The surfaces appear warm and pleasantly velvety, which is due to the low thermal conductivity of the polyacrylates used.

Full curing with the formation of cross structures creates a closed surface with excellent moisture and chemical resistance. Easy to clean.

Cured polyacrylate is non-sensitive to light and sunlight (ultraviolet radiation). The material does not turn yellow, the colour is not subject to change, so the coating is also suitable for outdoor use. In addition, it is not affected by other environmental factors.

By using this technology, surfaces are created with a variety of structures and with varying degrees of gloss from matte to glossy. In addition to various fancy wood and stone decors, pigmented, single-colour laminates with pleasant-to-touch surfaces are also available..