Outer jamb with locking fasteners


The outer jamb with a lock allows you to improve the installation process of the window structure. Lock fasteners are clips and the outer jamb connected to the clips. The clips are PVC profile, supplied in 2 m lengths, which are cut in 3 cm during installation.

The clips are easily attached to the frame in increments of 15 cm before mounting the window in the opening, the profile of the outer jamb is inserted into the clips after installation of the window. The clip is suitable for the following window systems: KBE, GEALAN, REHAU, TROCAL, ALUPLAST, FUNKE, MONTBLANC, PLAFEN, EXPROF, PROPLEX, ECP, NOVOTEX, GRAIN, BRUSBOX, DIMEX, ORTEX, TEPLOKON, SALAMANDER, BRUGUGMANN, AG.

Versatility The profile rotation angle of 75 degrees and the length of the locking flange of 20 mm allow closing any window jambs, even in panel houses;
COST EFFECTIVENESS Lock fastening significantly reduces installation time; The clips are equal in cost to a self-tapping screw;
Aesthetic appearance The lock fastening makes the outer jamb a part of the construction of the window frame, it expands and contracts along its length synchronously with temperature changes, so it does not deform as in the case of fastening with self-tapping screws;
Convenience No need to hang out of the window after installing windows to screw in self-tapping screws;