Conference dedicated to aluminum systems SIAL in Vladivostok


On February 24, a technical seminar was held at the RTD office in Vladivostok, which was conducted by Alexander Zavorotny, Deputy General Designer of the Segal foundry and press plant. At the event, new systems developed by the plant in 2020 were presented: ST62/ST68, ST65/ST71/ST71U. The differences and competitive advantages of these systems were presented in detail, as well as the latest developments that will soon go into mass production were shown.

“Warm” systems SIAL ST65 and ST71 (ST71U) are designed for the manufacture of “warm” windows, sashes, entrance and balcony doors for commercial, residential and industrial construction.
The main differences between the systems are the width of the profile and the size of the thermal break:
in ST65, they are 65 and 28 mm, respectively;
In ST71, they are 71 and 34 mm, respectively.
The possibility of using a filling with a thickness of 24 to 56 mm (up to 50 mm in ST65) in combination with different thermal break widths allows you to choose the most optimal system in regions with different climatic conditions.

The ST62 system is focused on mass consumption – the construction of residential complexes and individual housing construction. Due to the updated design, the thermal characteristics are improved and the possibility of using PFX fittings with a 13 mm offset of the groove axis is realized.