Knipping profile systems

Knipping system 58 mm

Knipping is an affordable alternative to the KBE Etalon system, created by KBE engineers in response to market demand for an affordable 58 mm system. It differs from the KBE Etalon profile in a smaller wall thickness of 2.5 mm and a lower price. The system is manufactured at Profine’s plant and on Profine’s equipment, so it has benefits inherent to the KBE profile: stable configuration and high workmanship. The outer configuration of the window frame and wing is the same as 58-mm KBE configuration, and all KBE system components are compatible. This profile has proven itself in the glazing of large areas, due to its cost-effectiveness.

The Knipping 58 profile is great for glazing large buildings!

Knipping 58 Technical Specifications:

  • Mounting width – 58 mm
  • Maximum thickness of the glazing – 34 mm
  • Number of chambers – frame 3 / sash 3 / mullion 3
  • Frost resistance – up to -60°C
  • Maximum size of the window sash is 150 cm x 150 cm
  • Maximum size of the balcony door sash is 90 cm x 235 cm
  • Clearance of the hardware groove – 9 mm
  • Thermal resistance (R-value) – 0.70 m2°C/W
  • Impact strength, kJ/m2 – 39.5
  • The air-tightness of the compaction circuits is as per A class
  • GOST 23166-99
  • Durability (conventional years) – more than 40 years
  • Sealant colour – black

Knipping 58 features:

  • German quality
  • Resistance to temperature extremes
  • Certified
  • UV resistance (no yellowing)
  • Eco-friendly
  • No odors emission
  • Safety
  • Classic design
  • Cost effectiveness


Profine GmbH – the manufacturer of KBE window profiles, was the first in the world to announce the transition of its production facilities to a new environmentally friendly greenline formulation. Lead, traditionally used in the manufacture of PVC profile, has been replaced by environmentally friendly calcium-zinc compound (CaZn). The profile, produced using the unique greenline technology, already meets the future-oriented environmental protection requirements. Profine’s phasing out of use of lead is therefore in line with the European Commission’s goal of eliminating the use of heavy metals in industrial production. The profiles made with the greenline formulation meet the highest environmental standards and do not harm the environment during both production and disposal.
Thus, the profile exhibits a number of advantages – both classic and cost-effective, for example, the environmentally friendly calcium-zinc stabilizer allows snow-white frames to longer withstand the weather, while maintaining a pleasant silky shine of their surface.