KBE Profile Systems

RTD has been an exclusive dealer of Profine RUS in the Far East for more than 10 years. Profine RUS is a Russian division of Profine GmbH International Profile Group, the world market leader in PVC profiles for windows and doors. In Russia, Profine RUS is a leader among suppliers and manufacturers of PVC profile systems. All PVC profiles of the German brand KBE are produced using the latest greenline technology, which replaces lead stabilizers with environmentally friendly calcium and zinc-based stabilizers. The profiles withstand temperatures from -60C to +70C and do not change their properties during the 40 years of operation. The product line includes the following profile systems:

KBE Etalon System 58 mm

This is a three-chamber freeze-proof profile of class A, with optimal geometry.

The frame of 58 mm width, is designed for glazing up to 34 mm, the thermal resistance of 0.70 m2 C/W.The system is featured by the use of a single steel for both the frame and the sash.

KBE Etalon has been present on the Russian market for over 15 years, it is used in a variety of construction projects from panel houses to cottages.

КВЕ Engine System 58 mm

A more affordable profile system with the 3-chamber profile, frame width of 58 mm, designed for glazing units up to 34 mm, heat transfer resistance of 0.70 m2 C/W. Economical solution for glazing residential, industrial and office premises. Engine differs from Etalon by its thinner walls.

КВЕ Expert Profile System 70 mm

Five-chamber freeze-resistant window profile system that meets the high requirements for heat and sound insulation.

KBE Expert has a mounting width of 70 mm, which allows making the mounting seam 20% wider and better insulated, as well as installing a glass unit up to 42 mm thick, which additionally increases the thermal insulation of the premises.
he heat transfer resistance is 0.83 m2-C/W.

Deep location of the hardware groove (13 mm) increases the window burglary resistance.

The system includes a wide range of additional profiles and engineered joints to create complex and loaded window structures.

КВЕ Door System

For door panels, we use profiles of reinforced section intended for multiple glazing or sandwich panels of up to 32 mm.

A closed all-welded reinforcement insert, inside the profile system, provides high strength and long service life.

A closed-loop strengthening insertion continuously welded inside the profile system ensures high durability and long service life.

To strengthen the corners mechanically, we use welded plastic connectors. There are KBE door systems with mounting widths of 58 mm and 70 mm in stock.

58-mm Knipping System

This budget-friendly profile system has three-chamber profile, mounting width of 58 mm, designed for glazing up to 34 mm, the thermal resistance is 0.70 m2°C/W.

The system is manufactured at Profine’s plant and on Profine’s equipment, so it has benefits inherent to the KBE profile: stable configuration and high workmanship.

The outer configuration of the window frame and wing is the same as 58-mm KBE configuration, and all KBE system components are compatible.

58-mm KBE_Gut and 70-mm KBE_Master Systems

KBE_Gut plastic window profile systems were created by Profine professionals as an expert solution to basic economic glazing. The technical features of these systems are the universality of elements and compatibility with extension KBE profiles, as well as elegant transom: the height of the Gutwerk “frame + sash” combination is 4-7% lower than in most window systems on the Russian market. It makes it possible to significantly increase the light openings.

  • KBE_Gut 58 is a three-chamber profile with mounting width of 58 mm, suited for glazing up to 34 mm, with the thermal resistance of 0.70 m2·°C/W. 2·°C/W.
  • 70-mm KBE_Master 70 is a four-chamber profile with mounting width of 70 mm, suited for glazing up to 44 mm, with the thermal resistance of 0.80 m2·°C/W. 2·°C/W.

70-mm Trocal Balance

This five-chamber profile system was developed in Germany by Trocal professionals and adapted specifically to the Russian market.

The mounting width is 70 mm, maximum thickness of the glazing is 40 mm. The thermal resistance (R-value) is 0.84 m2°C/W. The air-tightness of the compaction circuits is as per A class.

The glossy finish, modern stylish design of the profiles, extended white seal, innovative composition with no need for lead stabilizers and unique structural features, the quality workmanship helped these systems to occupy the niche of premium PVC profiles in the window market.

Laminated and Color Profiles

We offer in-bulk tinted laminated profile systems of caramel, chocolate and black hues.

Our product range includes laminated profile systems painted in mass – in caramel, chocolate or black.

These profiles resemble valuable wood, while having all the advantages of plastic.
We have laminated profiles KBE 58 mm, KBE 70 mm, KBE door systems, in the color of golden oak on a caramel base, sapele (mahogany) on a chocolate base.


We also offer a wide assortment of additional components and profiles for various PVC systems: LG, REHAU, VEKA:

  • sealing;
  • mounting plates;
  • underlaying profiles.