Gealan profile systems


For a perfect home climate

Thanks to a specially designed window frame design, the window has a larger light opening. This allows more light to enter your home, transforming the interior space. The installation depth of 74 mm improves the thermal insulation performance of the window compared to narrower systems. This allows you to save on heating in winter and air conditioning in summer. Thanks to the wider glass unit, the distance between the panes increases, which makes the window warmer and significantly improves sound insulation.

Thresholds for entrance and balcony doors that make life easier for people with disabilities.

Door and balcony thresholds of the system S 8000 with a height of 20 mm allow people with disabilities to move comfortably. Aluminum linings provide high wear resistance and additional seal contours ensure reliable sealing.


Genius Mixture

  1. Up to 52 mm thick (with STV® up to 54 mm) triple glazing can be installed.
  2. Narrow sashes and 15° incline as a design feature.
  3. Functional 3-way sealing system.
  4. Optimized for STV® technology.
  5. Excellent heat and sound insulation due to 6 chambers and a large installation width of the frame and sash.

GEALAN S 9000 system combines the characteristics and advantages of centre and rebate seals with its installation width of 82.5 mm. The large installation width, 6 inner chambers of the frame and sash profile and 3 sealing contours guarantee outstanding heat insulation values (1.09). Thus, the windows meet the highest requirements.


Simply beautiful windows

The GEALAN-KUBUS® system defines a new design language for PVC windows in architecture. It offers large expanses of glass for more light and transparency, and greater design freedom. Thanks to the completely hidden sash, the line between the interior of the room and the view from the window is almost invisible. It creates an overall harmonious impression of integrity and clarity of form due to the single plane between the frame and sash.

  1. Rectangular optics inside and outside.
  2. Sash invisible from the outside.
  3. An additional profile on the inside of the window and the absence of glazing beads create a completely new window design in the single plane.
  4. Unique Acrylcolor® surface from outside.
  5. The innovative STV® glazing technology allows the sash to be light and invisible, while ensuring maximum stability.
  6. Excellent heat insulation performance thanks to IKD® technology, which fills the inner chamber with a thermal insulator.
  7. Easy-care frame geometry.
  8. A variety of installation options.