Related products

Equipment, tools and accessories for window production: pneumatic guillotine for cutting fittings, sets of cutters for processing aluminum and PVC profiles, professional glass cutters and accessories, suction cups for carrying glass, sets of templates for installation of hinges and much more.

Battens – flat self-adhesive strips with an elastic edge of white PVC, used to cover the mounting seams when installing windows, to protect the foam from UV radiation and direct moisture, giving the installed structure a neat and finished appearance.

Plastic weathering – combining a classic shape and advanced developments, frost-resistant PVC weathering does not require painting, does not corrode, is easy to process and maintain, does not crack and fade in the sun, and provides a better noise insulation of the window.

Ceiling and wall-mounted clothes dryers- a modern alternative to ordinary ropes used earlier on balconies and loggias for drying clothes. The dryers have an aesthetic appearance, are easy to install and convenient in operation.

Sheet steel, galvanized, white painted. This material is used for the manufacture of weathering, formed pieces and sealing of mounting seams. With a special coating has corrosion resistance and extended service life.

Lamination materials – high quality adhesives and films of various colours and textures for lamination of profiles and sheet materials.