RTD Window Sills

RTD window sills are manufactured by the manufacturing company RTD Plast, established in 2004.  The location of production in the Far East region enables us to respond quickly to customer needs, significantly reduce the delivery time of white and colored window sills and ensure the continued availability of a wide range of window sills.

Nowadays the plant is a 2000m2 production facility equipped with Austrian production lines and equipment from such companies as Cincinnati Extrusion and Technoplast. Quality control is performed at all stages of production to ensure high reliability of the products. RTD windowsill board is a durable waterproof sill made of rigid PVC based on the German technology. The sill board is 700 mm wide and has two bullnoses.  This width allows for cost-effective cutting and reduces possible waste. The vertical stiffeners provide high strength under various loads (impact, deflection, pressure).

The surface of RTD window sill boards is laminated with decorative PVC films.
Special Imawell, Renolit and Elesgo DTS (VIP) films are used. These decorative films significantly improve the aesthetic and operational qualities of window sills, such as hygiene, moisture resistance, light resistance, resistance to mechanical and chemical exposure.

Decorative coating options:

  • white with shagreen texture;
  • smooth white;
  • marble with shagreen texture;
  • country (white wood);
  • natural oak;
  • golden oak;
  • mahagony;
  • wenge;
  • bog oak.

Window sill specifications:

  • window sill thickness – 22 mm;
  • vertical stiffeners;
  • bullnose height 40 mm;
  • 700 mm width, two bullnoses;
  • 6000 mm length.

To prevent damage, scratches and contamination during storage, shipping and installation, each RTD window sill has a film-based coating for temporary surface protection that is easily removed after installation. The protective coating covers the entire window sill from bullnose to bullnose, ensuring that the surface remains intact.

Our company also offers RTD window sills with the following coatings: white smooth, country (white wood), natural oak, golden oak, mahogany, wenge, stained oak in standard sizes: length 1500 mm and 3000 mm, width from 200 to 700 mm. The use of window sills of standard sizes is advisable when installing single window structures, when the purchase of a solid profile of a 6000 mm window sill incurs unreasonable costs for the acquisition, transportation and subsequent storage of the unused leftovers.