Winkhaus Window Hardware

RTD company is an official dealer of German group Winkhaus, which for more than 160 years produces accessories for windows and doors, featuring special design accuracy, high quality production and wide functionality in operation. Winkhaus is one of the largest international manufacturers. The windows and doors of millions of homes around the world are fitted with the brand’s products. Winkhaus fittings can be used both for individual orders and in serial production, they are technologically advanced and reliable. We offer hardware that is able to equip the following types of windows:

  • turn;
  • tilt;
  • tilt-and-turn;
  • with no rebate (central post);
  • slide and tilt;
  • trapezoid and round-headed window;
  • with concealed fittings.

Winkhaus fittings are made of alloyed passivated zinc-plated steel as per RAL RG 600/1 Construction Window Hardware, Load Group 4. Based on the quality control system of Winkhaus Technik, the Quality Certificate DIN ISO EN 9001 was issued. The warranty period for the hardware is 10 years.

Winkhaus activePilot

Winkhaus activePilot has an increased resistance to corrosion, which is achieved by applying a special anti-corrosion coating (zinc coating and trivalent chromating). The activePilot elements are versatile and multifunctional, so the number of elements is much smaller. The fittings have a wide range of applications with different systems of profiles made of PVC, wood and aluminum and on windows of different shapes and sizes. The activPilot fittings are distinguished by their increased anti-burglary resistance, since even in the standard lining they have not one anti-burglary point, but six. Also, instead of eccentric rollers, octagonal mushrooms are used in combination with anti-burglary hooks at each pressure point. To further increase the degree of protection, it is possible to install reinforced anti-burglary hooks.

Winkhaus proPilot, a Unique Solution for Facility Construction

The Winkhaus proPilot is a modular system for the cost-effective production of standard rectangular tilt-and-turn windows from PVC and aluminum profiles with a hardware groove of 16 mm. The proPilot fitting system is suitable for projects of all sizes. With innovative technical solutions, you can optimize processes, reduce the number of elements and simplify the way they are connected, which gives the window manufacturer the opportunity to reduce production time and reduce costs. The wide adjustment options and additional elements ensure that the sash is consistently held against the frame and the window is functional. Additionally, this system can be equipped with a handle rotation lock, micro-ventilation, gradual tilt and balcony latch. These functions can also be applied in an already installed window, which allows flexible approach to the client’s needs.