Roto NT Window Hardware

The history of Roto begins with a renowned figure – Wilhelm Frank. With his ground-breaking idea of tilt-and-turn window hardware and with the launch of its industrial production, in 1935, Roto pioneered the field.

Today Roto is the leading manufacturer of window and door hardware in the world. Managed by Wilhelm Frank and his direct descendants, Roto grew from a private shop into a large international company.

Today Roto includes more than 10 largest plants all over the world, over 40 representative offices and service bureaus of Roto Group, about half of window producers work with Roto hardware.

Roto NT hardware system elements allow making windows of virtually any type and size. The standard kit provides basic safety thanks to the anti-burglar tilt hook.

With its modular system and new design of connection units, Roto NT makes it possible to perform any kind of installation: from manual to fully automatic.

The modular system simplifies production logistics and saves time while reducing the cost of production.

The Clip & Fit system significantly reduces the number of parts used to manufacture a window.
The “construction kit” principle ensures fast and accurate installation.

In addition, the Roto NT system provides an extensive choice of additional options.
All additional/optional elements are easily integrated into the modular system.

Three variants of Roto NT locking cams are used for the production of various types of windows, including burglar-proof ones.

Another feature of the Roto NT hardware system is the versatility of hardware elements. All Roto NT strikers have the same screw mounting axis. All types of locking cams may be combined with any strikers.

The innovative RotoSil Nano coating ensures the highest corrosion resistance for all parts of the Roto NT hardware system.

Due to their atomic structure, nanoparticles can penetrate the surface of a material.

This coating provides the highest possible corrosion protection, extreme resistance to wear and scratches.

The entire coating system is free of chromium compounds and is harmless to health and the environment, while the silver-matt finish has an aesthetic appearance.

Main technical characteristics of Roto NT:

  • a special tool allows for flexibility and easy adjustment;
  • integrated screw drive;
  • availability of three types of locking cams:
    • locking cam E: adjustable gasket compression;
    • locking cam P: security mushroom cam with adjustable gasket compression;
    • locking cam V has three functions:
      • height adjustment: +1.2mm/-0.8mm;
      • compression adjustment +/-0.8 mm,
      • anti-burglary function.
  •  All locking cams (E, P, V) can be combined with any strikers;
  •  the cam stroke of 36 mm guarantees an optimal insertion depth into the striker;
  • the same length and mounting axis for standard and anti-burglary strikers;
  • interchangeability of strikers without replacing the main lock;
  • two types of anti-burglary strikers: standard cast and steel;
  • upper and lower hinges do not go beyond the sash, they are designed for a sash weight of 100/130 kg;
  • ability to vary the tilt of the sash on the same scissors from 80 to 140 mm (allowing for winter and summer ventilation options);
  • an integrated locking mechanism keeps the sash securely in the tilt mode;
  • frame (height-adjustable) and sash parts of the interlock are included in the standard and serve two functions:
    • protection against improper opening/tilting of the window sash;
    • thrust bearing function, which prevents the sash from sagging in the closed position and ensures its easy positioning when closing;
  • scissors connection have increased wear resistance;
  • rebate-dependent adjustment of height and pressure with a single tool;
  • identical arrangement of holes for attaching the upper and lower hinges to the frame, which allows using one template during installation;
  • availability of a braking mechanism when turning the sash.