Häfele Furniture Fittings and Components

Germany’s Häfele was founded in 1923, and for over 90 years of their business, they have led the way on the world’s furniture fittings and components production. Today, Häfele supplies produce to furniture makers and kitchen builders, as well as to furniture dealers and assemblers in more than 150 countries.

This became possible through the high quality of the produce, introduction of groundbreaking ideas and continuous improvement and expansion of the product-line. The quality and durability of Häfele articles is certified through conformity to the European quality standards of DIN, which set specific technical requirements to the quality of products, the manufacturing methods and processes. Häfele brings innovation into the furniture market. The developments by the company’s engineers are brought to life in such products, as Minifix, Maxifix, Rafix and Confirmat (or a euroscrew), which nowadays are used by manufacturers all over the world. Duomatic hinges with a built-in automatic pull-in device have been offered by the company for 10 years now, when it is only these days that automatic pulling-in in hinges are becoming a standard in furniture production. All Häfele products are designed following the latest trends in the furniture market, show high functionality and reliability, which promotes the furniture’s value and improves the consumer’s quality of life.

The modern technological solutions, easy installation and adjustment, unique quality and reliability of Häfele furniture fittings bring up better results for furniture production. Today, Häfele offers an ultimately wide choice of furniture fittings and components, which is conveniently presented in printed and electronic catalogues:

  • Minifix furniture fasteners have revolutionized the industry and brought forward the development of a new ready-to-assemble furniture sector. At Häfele’s facility in Berlin they make 500 mil pieces of Minifix of 30 types. Today, Minifix is the most popular eccentric fastener in the world!
  • lifting mechanisms: the whole line of Häfele lifting mechanisms has a number of undeniable advantages. The wide range of systems with various functions and types of opening gives way to any, even the most out-of-the-box designs and structures for furniture invention and manufacture.
  • stuffing the kitchen: high-quality dish drainers, silverware trays, pull-out bottle baskets and garbage cans, special protective coatings.
  • drawer systems are designed following the latest trends in the furniture market. An important feature of these mechanisms is that they use standardized full extension systems with an additional self-closing device and built-in damper. The same slider can be used for nine design lengths from 270 to 650 mm and for underbracing of various heights: 92 and 115 mm.
  • we also offer sliders, dampers, furniture lighting, furniture handles, magnetic snap closures, overhead hinges and a lot more.