Winkhaus Fittings

Winkhaus has developed the new ActivPilot Concept tilt-and-turn fittings for wooden structures. The new original design of the elements of this system includes the use of a new kind of corner transmission and shears connected to the hinge, as well as features a stylish counterpart to the window frame. The ActivPilot Concept fittings for wooden structures are not only focused on current tasks, but also on issues that will be relevant to the construction market and end users in the future. The developers of this system, in addition to technical features, paid special attention to the overall design. Thus, window manufacturers and their customers will be able to appreciate the technical and aesthetic benefits of the system. The equipment and the number of elements, such as the corner transmission, shear bracket, top hinge and the bus, remained identical to the legacy autopilot system. Perimeter counterparts are attached to the frame with one screw. For heavy sashes, a top frame hinge with two additional pins can be used. It is worth noting that the new system includes elements for quick installation. Powder coating of the hinge group and a wide range of colour coatings, allows you to meet any customer requirements in terms of colour.

The ActivPilot Concept hardware system can be used for structures weighing up to 130 kg and does not require a high wood density; for sash overlap of 18 mm or 20 mm for systems with groove centre position 9 or 13 mm. Wear resistance and durability performance has been confirmed by tests to DIN EN 1191 and DIN EN 13126-8 conducted by independent laboratories. The fittings have been certified by the Institute for Window Technology in accordance with QM 328. For window manufacturers, it makes it possible to use Winkhaus hardware for CE window certification. In addition, when using wood with a high density, Winkhaus allows the production of heavier sashes. It is worth emphasizing that the ActivPilot Concept fittings have been officially tested and certified as per the WK 2 anti-burglary system.

The anti-burglary characteristics of the ActivPilot Concept are focused on windows made not only of solid wood, but also of relatively soft wood. It is worth noting that the type of drainage channels does not affect the anti-burglary test of the ActivPilot Concept hardware, i.e. it can be chosen arbitrarily. The ActivPilot fittings with a hidden hinge group allow manufacturing structures with a sash weight of up to 150 kg, and, for wooden windows, adjusting the sash relative to the frame.