Seals for profiles

German seals Semperit from SemperitHolding AG, the world leader in the production of professional seals from ethylene propylene diene monomer rubber (EPDM). The Company’s assortment includes seals for windows, doors and facades, which significantly increase a service life of structures.

Semperit seals have a long service life (at least 10-15 years which is confirmed by relevant studies of the ispRosenheim Institute and the engineering bureau of Professor Joseph Schmidt), certified in accordance with DIN EN 12365, DIN 7863 and Russian GOST. Made a good showing in extreme weather conditions.


  • operating temperature range, С: from – 55 to + 60;
  • nominal tensile strength, MPa: 7 – 8,5;
  • hardness interval, Shore: 50 – 75;
  • high aging resistance;
  • excellent ozone resistance;
  • excellent elasticity.