Foam Kudo

Polyurethane mounting foam of the KUDO ® brand is an effective product of the latest generation, created by leading Russian and foreign technologists in the field of installation foam development, taking into account the recommendations of professional builders and installers. Kudo ® foam is produced using a unique technology developed in-house by AFC ® (Advanced Freeze Control ® ). The original formula of the components allows you to work with a cooled balloon up to 0°C in SUMMER and up to -10°C in WINTER foam. The standard for Kudo ® foam is to equip the cylinders with a fail-safe valve. The new design of the valve provides high resistance to sticking and guaranteed operation. Reduces gas loss during storage by 40%.


For installation of translucent structures, door blocks, window sills, fixing wall panels, sealing cracks, voids, heat and noise insulation of joints, as well as for other construction, finishing and installation works.

High-quality one-component polyurethane mounting foam has high adhesion to most building materials, such as concrete, brick, plaster, wood, plastic, with the exception of polyethylene, polypropylene and fluoropolymer. Provides a uniform, stable output and perfect fine-pored structure of the finished foam. Creates excellent thermal and sound insulation. Does not deform the structure, due to low secondary expansion.


  • Work is recommended to be carried out at a temperature of -18°C to + 35°C and relative humidity of at least 50%.
  • To obtain the maximum output volume and optimal physical and mechanical properties of the foam, remove the balloon at a temperature of +18°before useC to +20°C for at least 10 hours.
  • For accurate performance of work, it is recommended to cover the adjacent surfaces with a film.
  • Apply the foam to surfaces that have been previously cleaned of dust, dirt, grease, ice and frost.
  • Work surfaces must be moistened at an ambient temperature above 0°C before applying the foam.
  • Working position of the cylinder-BOTTOM UP.
  • Remove the protective cover from the cylinder.
  • Screw the gun on the cross-shaped nozzle with a thread. Make sure that the connection is secure.
  • Shake the balloon thoroughly at least 15 times for 30 seconds.
  • Fill the gap by 2/3 of the volume, applying mounting foam from the bottom up.
  • The foam output can be adjusted using the screw of the gun.
  • Shake the cylinder periodically during operation.
  • After application, moisten the foam with water using a spray gun at an ambient temperature above 0°C.
  • Cut off excess foam after it has completely solidified with a knife.
  • Remove any loose foam with the KUDO ® foam&GUN CLEANER.
  • For cured foam, use the” frozen foam remover ” KUDO ® .
  • After complete polymerization (24-48 hours*), the hardened foam can be cut, plastered, painted.
  • Keep away from UV rays and precipitation
Color white
Foam output, up to 65 liters*
The structure on the cut fine-pored homogeneous
The secondary expansion 20-25%
The formation of the surface. films 12 minutes*
Initial processing time 40 minutes*
Full polymerization time 24 – 48 hours*
Density of 10-20 kg/m3
Ambient temperature -18°С … +35°С
Cylinder temperature -10°С … +35°С
Heat resistance of hardened foam -40°С … +90°С
Storage temperature +5°С … +25°С

 *At a temperature of +23°C and relative humidity 50%

Optimal temperature conditions for using Kudo winter foams:

Ambient Temperature 20°С 0°С -10°С –18°С
Cylinder temperature +18°С … +22°С +15°С … +18°С +10°С … +15°С +5°С … +10°С


Store in an upright position with the valve facing up in a cool, dry place at an ambient temperature of +5°C to +25°C.


4,4-diphenylmethanediisocyanate, dimethyl ether, propane-butane, polyol component.

KUDO polyurethane foam cleaner

KUDO polyurethane foam cleaner-for removing the remnants of uncured foam and polyurethane glue. Does not react with PVC and most other plastics. Indispensable for cleaning professional foam mounting guns