RTD Window-Sills

RTD window-sills are manufactured by RTD Plast production company established in 2004. The production being located in the Far East, we can rapidly respond to the customer’s demand, significantly reducing the time needed for supplying of white and colored window-sills and provide for constant availability of a wide assortment of window-sill boards.

Nowadays, the plant is comprised of 2,000 m2 of production floor space equipped with Austrian production lines and equipment by Austria’s Cincinnati Extrusion and Technoplast. There is quality control on all stages of production, which ensures high durability of the end product.
RTD window-sill board is a strong moisture-resistant window-sill made of rigid PVC based on a German technology. The window-sill board is 700-mm wide and has two nosings. This width allows for smart cutting and reduces waste. Vertical stiffening plates ensure high resistance to any load (impact, bend, pressure).

The surface of RTD window-sill boards is laminated with decorative PVC film. We use special films of Imawell, Renolit and Elesgo DTS (VIP). These decorative films significantly enhance the aesthetic and operational qualities of window-sill boards, such as their hygiene, humidity resistance, sunlight resistance, resistance to mechanical and chemical exposure.

Options of Decorative Coating:

  • white shagreened,
  • white smooth,
  • marble shagreened
  • country (whitewood);
  • natural oak;
  • golden oak;
  • mahagony;
  • wenge;
  • fumed oak.

Specifications of Window-Sill:

  • width of the window-sill is 22 mm;
  • vertical stiffening plates;
  • height of the nosing is 40 mm;
  • width of 700 mm, two nosings;
  • length of 6,000 mm.

To eliminate damaging, scratching and staining during stacking, transportation and mounting, each RTD window-sill has a film-based coating for temporary protection of the surface, which can easily be removed after installation. The coating covers the whole window-sill from one nosing to another preserving the surface without fail.

We also offer RTD window-sills with following coatings: white smooth, country (whitewood), natural oak, golden oak, mahagony, wenge and fumed oak of standard sizes: the lengths of 1,500 mm and 3,000 mm and widths from 200 to 700 mm. Using standard-sized window-sills is preferable when mounting single window structures – when buying a 6,000-mm long whole piece of profile means unreasonable expenses connected with the purchase, transportation and storage of the unneeded leftovers.