Winkhaus Window Hardware

RTD is an official dealer for Germany’s Winkhaus concern, which has for more than 160 years been producing window and door hardware with especially precise structure, quality workmanship and high operational functionality. Winkhaus is one of the largest international producers. The windows and doors of millions of houses all around the world are equipped with articles under this brand-name. Winkhaus hardware may be used both for bespoke orders, and mass production; it is technically sophisticated and reliable. We offer hardware that is able to equip the following types of windows:

  • turn windows;
  • tilt windows;
  • tilt-and-turn windows;
  • French casement windows (with no meeting stile in the middle);
  • sliding windows with a tilt-in feature;
  • rapezoid and round-headed windows;
  • windows with hardware fully concealed.

Winkhaus hardware is made of compound immunized zinc-plated steel as per RAL RG 600/1 Construction Window Hardware, Load Group 4. Based on the results of Winkhaus Technik quality assurance system inspection, it was certified with DIN ISO EN 9001 Quality Certificate. The guarantee service life for the hardware is 10 years.

Winkhaus activePilot

Wiinkhaus activePilot is highly resistant to corrosion, which is achieved through a special anti-corrosion coating (zinc plating and trivalent chromating). ActivePilot components are versatile and multifunctional, this is why the number of the components is significantly lower. The hardware is widely applicable with various PVC, wooden and aluminum profile systems and on windows of various shapes and sizes. ActivPilot hardware is the ultimately burglar retardant one within the standard set, as it has six instead of one burglar retarding point in the standard bundling. Also, instead of eccentric rollers, octagon mushrooms are used combined with burglar retardant hooks at each hold-down. To increase safety even more, we can install reinforced burglar retardant hooks.

Winkhaus proPilot, a Unique Solution for Facility Construction

Winkhaus proPilot is a module system for economic production of standard rectangular tilt-and-turn PVC and aluminum profile windows with a 16-mm hardware groove  proPilot hardware system is suitable for projects of any scale. The innovative technological solutions optimize the processes, reduce the component number and simplify the way they are connected, which gives a window-maker an opportunity to cut down the time input for production and financial expenditures. The wide adjustment options and additional elements ensure that the wing is consistently held against the frame and the window is functional. In addition, this system may be equipped with handle turning interlock, microventilation, graduated tilt and a balcony latch. These functions may be applied for a mounted window, too, which allows some flexibility towards a customer.