Siegenia Window Hardware

Originating in 1914, SIEGENIA-AUBI KG have gone through a number of transformations and mergers and nowadays combine the technological, financial and human resources of formerly independent window hardware manufacturers: Siegenia Frank, AUBI Baubeschlage GmbH and KFV. SIEGENIA, at all stages of their development, have managed to set the market’s trends with their  innovative products and not only to win for their own sake, but to give their customers and partners undisputable competitive advantages. Today, SIEGENIA-AUBI GRUPPE are an international company and one of the leaders in production of window and door hardware, aeration systems and building service equipment.


SIEGENIA TITAN AF hardware is easy makeover, fast assembly, easier logistics for translucent structure producers, and modern design, improved comfort and safety, reliability, functionality and operational stability for the end user.

A unique rotating mushroom dudgeon automatically compensates any differences in dimensional allowances generated during production, procures easy shutting of the window ensuring its long service. New locking plates demonstrate high functionality and a unique design.


SIEGENIA FAVORIT classic hardware system is high-quality precisely engineered hardware, a versatile solution for large and small objects, wooden and plastic windows, a system with many an advantage for window manufacturers with sophisticated design and high corrosion resistance.

FAVORIT enables optimization of storing thanks to the universally applicable (both right- and left-handed) parts, which in addition combine various functions. For all the years the system exists, it keeps upgrading and improving.

FAVORIT hardware is easy to mount and adjust, which increases the production efficiency.