Roto NT Window Hardware

Roto’s history begins with a renowned figure – Wilhelm Frank. With his groundbreaking idea of tilt-and-turn window hardware and with the launch of its industrial production, in 1935, Roto pioneered the field.

Nowadays, the Roto concern is the world’s leader in window and door hardware production. Managed by Wilhelm Frank and his direct descendants, Roto grew from a private shop into a large international concern.

Today, the Roto concern includes over 10 largest plants belonging to the company all over the world, over 40 representative offices and service bureaus of the Roto Group, Roto hardware serves around a half of window manufacturers

Roto NT hardware system elements allow making windows of virtually any sizes and types. The standard package provides basic safety by means of a burglar retardant tilting hook.

The module system and advanced structure of junction nodes allows Roto NT to carry out any type of mounting: from the manual to completely automated mounting.

The module system simplifies production logistics and saves time while reducing the cost of production.

Система Clip&Fit значительно сокращает количество деталей, используемых для производства окна.

Clip&Fit system significantly reduces the number of parts necessary to build a window. The engineering structure principle enables quick and accurate mounting.

Beside that, Roto NT system provides an extensive choice of additional options. All additional and optional elements are easily incorporated into the module system.

Three types of Roto NT locking dudgeons are used in production of windows of various types, including burglar retardant ones.

One more feature of Roto NT hardware system is versatility of the hardware elements. All Roto NT strikes have the same axes for woodscrew fastening. All types of locking dudgeons may be combined with any strikes.

Innovative RotoSil Nano coating ensures the highest rustproof quality of all parts of Roto NT hardware system.

Because of their atomic structure, the nano particles are able to penetrate the surface of materials.

This coating provides the ultimate corrosion protection, exceptional resistance to wear and scratch.

The entire coating system is free from chrome compounds and has no negative effect on body and environment, while the matted silver shade of the coating has quite an aesthetic appearance.

Main Specifications of Roto NT:

  • a special tool allows for flexibility and easy adjustment;
  • an incorporated guide for the woodscrew;
  • three types of locking dudgeons in the system:
    – E dudgeon, hold-down adjusted;
    – P dudgeon, with a burglar retardant mushroom head, hold-down adjusted;
    – V dudgeon with three functions:
    – height adjustment: +1.2 mm / -0.8 mm;
    – hold-down adjustment +/-0.8 mm,
    – burglar retarding.
  •  all the E, P,V locking dudgeons can be combined with any strikes;
  •  the 36-mm dudgeon’s stroke ensures the optimal depth of engagement with the strike;
  • the same length and mounting axis for standard and burglar retardant strikes;
  • interchangeability of strikes without the need to change the main lock;
  • two types of burglar retardant strikes: standard cast and steel;
  • the upper and lower hinges within the wing overlap accounted for the weight of the wing of 100/130 kg;
  • option to tilt the wing on the same friction stay within the range of 80 to 140 mm (allowing for winter and summer aeration);
  • firm position of a tilted wing ensured by an incorporated shut-down guard;
  • the frame (height-adjusted) and wing parts of the guard are included into the standard type and serve two purposes:
    – protection against opening/tilting a window’s wing in a wrong way;
    – function of a thrust bearing that keeps the closed wing from hanging down and makes it easy to shut it back;
  • the connections in the friction stay are highly wear-resistant;
  • sash fillister dependant adjustment of the height and hold-down carried out by a single tool;
  • identical placement of holes for upper and lower hinges on the frame, which allows using the same template when mounting;
  • stopping mechanism for wing turning.