Geviss Window Hardware

Since 2006, GEVISS window hardware designed by HIMSAN ALUMINYUM has occupied a well-deserved place in tilt-and-turn hardware systems market in such countries, as Serbia, Slovenia, Turkey, Ukraine, Hungary, Romania, Belarus, Czech Republic, Germany and Russia. GEVISS system enables turn, tilt-and-turn, transom, French casement and tilt-and-slide window operators.

GEVISS hardware is made of high quality zinc-plated chromated and immunized steel. The hardware components are versatile and are not strictly designed per a certain direction of wing opening.

The locking dudgeons of hardware bracing are aligned in a smart way, there are hold-down points at the upper hinge and adjustable hold-down of the lower hinge, which sets this hardware favorably apart form similar systems.

The system has a lot of additional elements, including such that enable building a burglar retardant window.

The quality of the hardware is certified conforming to the requirements of GOST and ROSENHEIM.