Metalware and Fasteners

RTD is an official dealer for Tech-KREP Production and Commerce Combine specializing in production of professional construction fasteners under the brand-name of Tech-KREP. The high-quality produce of Tech-KREP accordingly tested and certified is sufficient to cover the needs of any type of production and construction, including window and furniture industries.

Zinc-plated steel window self-tapping screws with a drill-bit, pointed tips and dents on the cone part of the head for fastening metallic profile and hardware in plastic, aluminum and wooden profile constructions are ideal for usage in automatic lines.

The Z marking on the head stands for premium quality and ensures the best properties of a self-tapping screw, that has 100% passed inspection by laser size and configuration inspection systems. In our stock we have a wide assortment of single-purpose and general engineering fastening of various standard sizes and designations:

  • anchors and dowels for mounting structures in concrete or brick;
  • self-tapping screws and wood screws for fastening various structures and materials to wood, concrete, metal, wood chip board, mounting plasterboard;
  • metallic and polymer expansion bolts for fastening in dense, aerated and plasterboard foundations – universal and for insulation;
  • single-purpose fastening, screwdriver bits, rivets, roofing and sandwich panel fittings.