SIAL aluminum profiles system

SIAL systems are developed by specialists of Casting and Pressing factory “Segal” – one of the largest Russian manufacturers of aluminum system profiles for building structures. For many years, factory “Segal” has confidently ranked second among Russian aluminum profiles manufacturers.

The SIAL KP 45 aluminum system makes it possible to implement various technical solutions: “cold” windows and balcony glazing, shop windows, stained-glass windows, facades, office partitions. It also enables to manufacture “cold” doors with different types of opening: swing, pendulum or sliding doors.

Doors made of profiles of the SIAL KP45 system can be used as internal and external in facades, stained-glass windows of entrance groups, in the openings of building enclosing structures of various residential, public, industrial, administrative buildings.

Swing doors can be mounted in a stained-glass window together with a frame or the leaf can be hung on a post using a rabbet ledge, as well as to make structures with stulp, without stulp or with hinges on terminals (balcony doors).

The SIAL KPT 74 aluminum system is intended for manufacture of “warm” doors, entrance spaces, windows and stained-glass windows. And it enables to make “warm” doors without stulps or doors with stulp with various types of opening: inward or outward, right-sided and left-sided, swing, pendulum, electric sliding, multi-lock, as well as accordion-type doors.