Schlegel Seals

Taking into account more than 50 years of experience in designing and manufacturing Windows and doors of the highest quality, it is not surprising that Schlegel has become a leading manufacturer of polyurethane foam, brush and extruded seals.

The range of unique q-Lon gaskets has been developed in accordance with the wishes of our customers and offers a wide range of sealing gaskets for Windows and doors made of wood, PVC and aluminum, as well as window decoration elements and interior items. Thanks to their unique design, Q-Lon seals are ideal for a wide variety of applications. The original q-Lon gaskets are resistant to paint and dirt and at the same time offer the best performance to date in terms of energy savings.

Our products are manufactured in accordance with the requirements of many current and proposed British, German,Spanish and relevant European and international standards and are manufactured using a quality management system registered and certified in accordance with ISO 9001:2008. Combined with the 10-year warranty offered, the original q-Lon seals provide a quality you can rely on. Compared to conventional sealing systems, Q-Lon seals provide a cost-effective long-term sealing method that meets the highest standards.

Manufactured using a unique combination of materials and with unsurpassed technical characteristics, Schlegel’s Q-Lon seals provide the highest seal quality even under extremely harsh operating conditions.

Thanks to continuous research and development, as well as strict material

checks and quality control , Q-Lon seals are one of the best known sealing product systems today.

Q-Lon polyurethane foam seals – exceptional advantages of materials and functions:

  • Excellent memory-take their original form after compression
  • Stability – the almost complete lack of tension due to the presence of the inner cable or core of the optical fiber
  • Easy compression – low compression force regardless of temperature changes
  • Acoustics – excellent acoustic properties
  • Thermal conductivity-unsurpassed thermal insulation properties
  • Resistance to paint and dirt-standard paints and dirt do not have any effect on the properties of the product
  • Stable characteristics-resistance to rot, fungus, ultraviolet radiation and ozone
  • Color options-white, black, brown, gray and many other options n Temperature – a wide range of operating temperatures in extremely cold and warm weather conditions.